The story behind Shonaman’s EP cover art

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Am not scared of being judged so I stand out” shonaman

While in the process of making the album ppa, shonaman changed the whole thing into an EP which he said it didn’t change the concept but he thinks that’s what God wanted it to be I think the reason why I couldn’t finish the album is, God was taking me through a journey learning and experiencing things through the world and the church.

That already describes him as a Rebel, the art represents him being out of the universe spiritually he said for him to deal with the gap he found himself in between the world and the too religious people he had to be out of their zones.

“The art represents me being out of the universe spiritually, that pic represents my spirit (obviously I can’t make a spiritual cover)

So for me to deal with the gap I found myself in between the world and the too religious people I have to be out of both zones, for example if you are involved within a situation u can easily get drowned and end up not being able to rectify the problem, the person who can fix or break the computer is not in the computer, to get full control and access to the computer u don’t have to be limited in it, the point is not to judge anyone.

If People can’t handle what U do, they will immediately create a box for you so they can put u in it.The verse about not conforming to world definitely makes me a rebel not only to the world but also to the religious people. There are people who are in the church but still have the same standards as the world so they will definitely try to instill the same ideas and attitudes they have to influence your decision and move you away from your purpose.

So am actually out here not being influenced by anyone whose ideas are not from God, but doing what God wants me to do.

“Am not scared of being judged so I stand out” shonaman


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